Goals, Vision, Mission

The Business association of Concrete producers of Serbia “BIS” is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, incorporated for an unlimited duration to support improvement and enforcement of the legal framework that regulates concrete production and trade as well as the implementation of the best business practices in this domain in Republic of Serbia, based on the domestic and international experiences and on the modern technical and technological developments.

The Association is incorporated for providing expert support to members in:

  • enhancement and promotion of good business practices and ethic, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, especially environmental models of building, safety and health at work;
  • presentation of common positions of the members of the Association regarding the regulatory framework and any other topics that are of importance for the industry to improve the business environment and to provide the conditions for growth and development;
  • monitoring and analyzing the development of the regulatory framework of the concrete industry in the following areas: (i) technical regulations; (ii) environmental protection; (iii) fiscal policy;
  • supporting the development of construction projects at the national, regional and local level;
  • promoting the production of concrete in Serbia by the expanding knowledge about its technical, technological and economic features;
  • other matters of common interest to the members of the Association.

Vision of the Association is:

  • application of the highest global business standards in the domestic concrete and construction industry;
  • concrete - most preferred construction material which ensures the sustainable development through durability, safety, costs and resource efficiency.

Mission of the Association:

  • active contribution to the creation of the favorable business climate and economic development in Serbia as valued and recognized professional organization;
  • supporting sustainable development through the implementation of the innovation, new technologies and environmental model of building.