MORAVACEM, Ltd., Popovac




The company Moravacem, as part of CRH Group, is recognized in the market as one of the leading manufacturers of concrete. Production of ready-mixed concrete started in 2006 at the factory in Krnjaca near Belgrade, and in 2013 a second one was opened, in Dobanovci, near Belgrade.

Moravacem concrete plants have high quality equipment. Distribution of concrete is provided with adequate fleet of trucks. The whole production process is fully automated and controlled by a special program. There are also three cement silos in each base, bunkers for storing aggregate, systems for heating aggregates in winter and cooling in summer.

Besides that, our base in Belgrade have all the necessary permits and Project on Environmental Protection. The fact that in the production of concrete we use aggregates and cement also produced in Moravacem, providing to customers additional confidence in the quality of our products, stand us out from the others.


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